KCSG DataLink License Agreement

Date of last material modification: April 29, 2021

Parties To The Agreement

  • This agreement is between Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC, an Illinois, USA limited liability company, and You, an author/content creator incorporating or intending to incorporate KCSG DataLink ("DataLink") into your content.
  • Use of DataLink or creation of content using DataLink shall be construed as acceptance of the agreement.

Licensed Software

  • KCSG DataLink is licensed software. Specific licenses are covered below.
  • You are only authorized to access the official documentation or generate new content utilizing DataLink if you have a license that includes development rights.
  • Development rights only authorize you to use versions listed as available for new development in the official documentation during the term of your license.
  • You are only authorized to use DataLink in your content if you are covered by a license that includes use rights.

New Content (Development) Versus Existing Content (Use)

  • Minor edits (edits which do not affect the overall function of DataLink in your content) are considered existing content (use).
  • Changing the overall function of DataLink in your content is considered new content (development).
  • Renaming existing content is still existing content (use).
  • Creating new sections, new pages, memberships, etc. is considered generation of new content (development) at the point the content moves beyond "draft" or "preview" status and becomes "published" (regardless of the extent of the audience).

Available Licenses

  • Internal-Use License
    • ​This license includes both development and use rights.
    • It applies only to the entity (individual or organization) maintaining the subscription. (Customers or clients must be licensed separately, regardless of the presence or absence of a financial relationship.)
    • Development rights are granted for the term of your active license subscription.
    • Use rights begin at the start of your license subscription and extend indefinitely as long as you do not cancel or refund during the first year of your subscription.
    • If you allow your subscription to expire, you are only allowed to using existing DataLink code in existing content.
  • ​External-Use License
    • This license includes only use rights; it does not include development rights or documentation access.
    • If you will be distributing your DataLink-based content to a variable number of potentially unlicensed users (via the Kartra Marketplace, for example), you must purchase an External-Use License.
    • You may use an External-Use License as a one-time, fixed-price, "blanket" license for any number of clients who will use your DataLink-based content (but not develop any DataLink-based content of their own) in lieu of obtaining individual Internal-Use Licenses for those clients.
    • This is a one-time, single-payment, perpetual license augmenting rights granted under the Internal-Use License.

Required License Notice

  • Use of DataLink must be accompanied by a notice that it is licensed software and a link to this license agreement. Examples of the required notice are available in the documentation.

Script Hosting

  • Official scripts are currently hosted on CloudFlare, though we reserve the right to host them elsewhere.
  • While CloudFlare is generally a highly available service, you acknowledge and accept that they may go down from time to time, and that access to the official scripts may be temporarily unavailable.
  • You may make (and serve) your own copies of scripts you are authorized to access under the terms of your Internal-Use License for internal use (or for specific clients, in which case you agree to clearly notify such clients that they will be using scripts from a non-standard location).
  • Any content you offer to non-specific / non-pre-determined clients (e.g. via the Kartra Marketplace) must use the official script locations.