KCSG DataLink

Make your content dynamic... with data.

  • Read query parameter values (?name=value&...) from the URL

    Access Google "UTM" parameters, your own analytics, coupon codes... you name it.

  • Read or write form fields (works with inline Kartra optin and checkout forms)

    Some examples of what you can do: Read a Kartra prefilled form to greet a user by name, or use their email to load their Gravatar image; hide a form field, and use it to pass in a value; require a user to confirm their email address before they can submit the form; preload a coupon code at checkout; and more!

  • Read or write browser local storage

    If you need to save a value for use across multiple pages in the same domain, you can do it (even if there are pages from other domains in between)!

  • Display dynamic content on your page

    As mentioned above, you can greet a user by name, or display their individual Gravatar. You can also have conditional content (e.g. you can display different content depending on whether or not the user's name is available).

  • Use dynamic dates and/or times

    Do you need a date and/or time for your content or to save with a form? DataLink can provide the current date and time, or any fixed offset, like yesterday, tomorrow, or next week. Select whatever format you need, wherever you need it. (Language localization is also possible with a little bit of simple JavaScript.)

  • Note: Some assembly required!

Internal-Use License

Internal-Use Licenses grant development and use rights (including documentation access) to one entity (individual or organization).


They are available on an annual-subscription basis. The first year is USD $59; additional years are USD $29 per year thereafter (both prices plus tax where applicable). They will automatically renew annually unless cancelled.


The terms of the license are covered in the KCSG DataLink License Agreement.

External-Use License

External-Use Licenses extend Internal-Use Licenses to add use rights for your DataLink-based content when sharing it with a variable number of potentially unlicensed users (such as when sharing templates in the Kartra Marketplace).


They are available for USD $249 (one-time, plus tax, where applicable).


The terms of the license are covered in the KCSG DataLink License Agreement.

7-Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Try out the software, risk-free, for seven days. If it's not right for you for any reason, simply contact us through the help desk and we'll refund your purchase.