• Enhanced SEO and OpenGraph support

      KKP saves a copy of the Kartra page's SEO and OpenGraph settings in WordPress so that social media links can be properly displayed.

    • Lower overhead

      KKP displays the Kartra content with fewer network requests and less overhead meant for displaying WordPress pages that is not used when displaying Kartra pages.

    • Download mode

      KKP offers the option to easily download Kartra pages and store them in WordPress to be served directly.

    • Works with Kartra tracking links

      KKP can also work with Kartra tracking links (including split-testing links and conditional-redirection links) making there capabilities conveniently available from your WordPress domain.​

    • Uses your WordPress site icon

      KKP uses your WordPress site icon configuration so that you don't need to assign your Kartra pages to a custom domain in order to get your custom site icons.​

    Download free from WordPress.org or install from the Add New Plugins page of your WordPress installation.