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    Key: F=Free Version, P=Pro Version, A=Agency Version

    • Quickly locate what you need to link directly to a section (F/P/A)

      TFK's Column Power Tool displays an id automatically assigned by Kartra to each page section. You can append this to the page URL to take a visitor directly to any section on the page.

    • Informative tab titles (F/P/A)

      TFK assigns descriptive titles to browser tabs, making it easier to locate the one you want from a group.​

    • Built-in bookmarks (F/P/A)

      Bookmarks for frequently used pages in funnel order help you work faster, especially on pages that don't include navigation

    • Hide campaign progress tabs (F/P/A)​

      When you have progress tabs, TFK turns the alerts-icon red and adds a "Toggle Progress" menu item below "My Campaigns", allowing you to toggle them on and off and keep them out of the way.​

    • Auto-scheme for URLs (F/P/A)​

      Some places in Kartra require the scheme (e.g. "http" or "https") portion of the URL to be split out into a separate input, generating an error if you included it in the main URL input. TFK will automatically split the URL for you, selecting the proper scheme from the drop-down.​

    • Click-to-edit text and headings​ (F/P/A)

      Instead of having to click on the "T" edit icon to edit text, you can simply click on the text of a text or header component to begin editing. For text in other contexts (such as list items), you can double-click on the text to open the text editor.

    • Descriptive tab titles​ (F/P/A)

      Instead of all tabs being titled "Kartra", TFK sets content-related titles such as "Kartra Links" or "Kartra Form 10" instead for easier identification.

    • Add custom color palettes (F/P/A)​

      TFK allows you to enter your "brand colors" into TFK and have them appear as color-selection swatches for several color pickers. Kartra now supports a color palette system in several contexts, but not all of them.

    • "Kartra Fonts" reviewer pro​ (F/P/A)

      This tool allows you to easily compare Kartra's various built-in fonts and/or your own custom fonts using your choice of sample text, style, size, and colors.​

    • Page-builder keyboard shortcuts (P/A)

      Keyboard shortcuts in the page builder allow you to switch between display views, column and component mode, turn column outlines on and off, and quickly locate and open section tools.

    • Membership-builder shortcut (P/A)

      If you're actively creating a membership area or otherwise frequently adding content to it, bookmarking Kartra's membership edit URL with "#builder" can save time by skipping over the initial information page (if previously completed) and immediately launching into the builder.

    • One-click full-width toggle (P/A)

      Toggle between page sections with margins and full-width, edge-to-edge sections with a single click. No need to track down and customize special Kartra sections.

    Unlock new capabilities.

    Key: F=Free Version, P=Pro Version, A=Agency Version​

    • Floating text-editor toolbar​ (F/P/A)

      If you use click-to-edit on a particularly tall text block, the editor tool bar will float near the top of the screen whenever you scroll or move the mouse so that it is always within reach.

    • Column Power Tool​ (F/P/A)

      The column power tool allows you to create more responsive page layouts without the need for device-specific sections, keeping your page size and loading times smaller.​

    • "Default Fonts" feature included (P/A)

      The "Default Fonts" feature for setting page and membership builder default fonts (both Kartra and custom fonts) is included in Pro and Agency (versus being a paid add-on for TFK Free).

    • Custom grid layouts (P/A)

      The page-layout library Kartra uses can't divide 100% of available space into 5, 7, 8, 9, or 11 equal-width parts/columns. The custom-grid feature of the Pro and Agency Column Power Tool adds that ability for more layout options.

    • Use custom color palettes with text editors (P/A)​

      Kartra's custom color-palette system doesn't natively work with the text editor, but TFK makes it possible!

    • Membership Customizer​ (P/A)

      The membership customizer feature allows you to change home post labels, color palettes, and more in your membership areas. Agency license required for use on client sites.

    • Auto-reversing column order​ (P/A)

      On a desktop device (and possibly a tablet), it's often nice to have alternately-mirrored sections (e.g. picture left and content right alternating with content left and picture right). This looks strange, however, when responsively reformatting as a single column of picture, content, content, picture. This feature allows such sections to reformat "properly" as picture, content, picture, content.

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