• Choose from Kartra or non-Kartra fonts

        You are not limited to Kartra's built-in fonts. Default Fonts and Editor Fonts include the Custom Fonts feature for incorporating additional fonts from Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, and more.

      • Set default fonts in the Kartra Page Builder

      • Set default fonts in the Kartra Membership Builder

      • You don't have to know HTML or CSS or hire an expensive coder to use it

        Just copy-and-paste the code from your font source if you want to include new fonts, select the default fonts and colors you want to use, and then copy-and-paste the code from Default Fonts to apply those selections. You do NOT need to "apply CSS classes" or make any other special edits to your page text to apply default fonts and colors.

      • Save a ton of time when adding content by hand

        Default Fonts overrides Kartra's defaults, applying to an entire page or post all at once based on styles (such as text block paragraphs) rather than individual text selections. You don't have to keep resetting the font to what you want every time Kartra tries to reset the font to what it wants!

      • Save a ton of time when pasting clipboard content

        People often struggle with getting control over formatting when pasting content copied from elsewhere. Default fonts and colors can drastically reduce the amount of reformatting you end up doing to get pasted content the way you want it.

      • Works on existing content too

        Switch from Kartra's default fonts to your default fonts in a couple clicks per page. Depending on your site and existing formatting, you could potentially update the fonts across your entire site in just minutes, not hours or days.

      • None of the image-as-text issues

        People sometimes resort to creating their content in other applications to use custom fonts, saving the resulting content as an image in order to embed it on their Kartra pages. These images can increase page size and load times, resize awkwardly on different screen and window sizes, and can reduce the readability of your content for search engines and screen readers. Default Fonts and Editor Fonts let you avoid those issues by displaying custom fonts as text instead of images.

      If you don't have KCSG Tools For Kartra yet, start by downloading the plugin from the Google Chrome Web Store.


      Enable Default Fonts

      Enable Default Fonts And Editor Fonts

      with a single payment of USD $79 (plus tax, where applicable) for a lifetime license with rights to use both the Default Fonts features (setting default fonts based on styles) and Editor Fonts features (setting fonts for specific text selections within the text editor) with KCSG Tools For Kartra for sites owned and operated by one entity*.


      A license key will be sent to you at the email address you provide at checkout.

      *NOTE: To use Default Fonts or Editor Fonts for clients, they must have their own license UNLESS you have KCSG Tools For Kartra Agency or the client has KCSG Tools For Kartra Pro or Agency. (If you have an Agency license, it only authorizes you to use it on your client's behalf; they will need other licensing to use Default Fonts or Editor Fonts themselves.)

      7-Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

      Try out the software, risk-free, for seven days. If it's not right for you for any reason, simply contact us through the help desk and we'll refund your purchase.